Root Canal Roslyn NY

Root Canal An Overview

A root canal is a conservative treatment options that preserve the natural tooth in efforts to avoid tooth extraction in the event of infection or injury. Root canals support improve dental health without compromising the structure of the bite.

Root canals remove decayed tooth tissue without the need for tooth extraction. The root canal process is minimally painful and often alleviates painful symptoms associated with an infected tooth pulp. Root canals are typically completed in a single visit to our Roslyn, NY dentist office.

Bella Smiles Roslyn offers root canals in our Roslyn, NY dentist office. Dr. Diana Pop always strives to reccomened the most conservative treatment option for the least impact to your overall bite. Dr. Pop will reccomened a root canal for treating a damaged or diseased tooth.

Root canals are often a treatment that patients fear. The reality is that most patients actually experience pain caused by the infection, not the actual procedure. Patients are commonly surprised at how comfortable the treatment is and at the relief they feel once the infected pulp is removed, cleaned and sealed.

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Root Canal What to Expect

A root canal is generally no more painful than a dental filling and can be completed from the comfort of our Roslyn NY dentist office in just one visit.

Dr. Pop will discuss the procedure with you and explain what will happen during your procedure and proper after treatment care. Dr. Pop will remove the infected pulp using a specially designed tool. Once the pulp is removed pressure is released and any discomfort will diminish.

Dr. Pop then thoroughly cleans the tooth and fills the structure with gutta perch. The tooth is sealed with a dental filling and capped with a custom fabricated dental crown for lasting results.

To strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy, Dr. Pop often recommends the placement of a dental crown to help support the structure of your tooth. Custom fit and color matched to your natural teeth, a dental crown fits around the tooth like a cap and will support the long-term health of your tooth.

Our dentists will do everything they can to avoid tooth extractions, but sometimes a tooth is too damaged or infected that a typical root canal or cavity will not save your tooth. When this is the case, Dr. Pop will recommend a tooth extraction and for a dental implant be used to replace the missing tooth.