Teeth Whitening Roslyn, NY

Tooth Whitening An Overview

Teeth whitening is a simple solution that can enhance the apperance of your smile and boost self-confidence.  Professional teeth whitening performed in a dentist office is highly effective, cost-efficient, and safe. We use high-grade whitening gels that are specially designed to protect the enamel from developing sensitivity.


Dr. Diana Pop offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening for beautiful whitening results. Teeth whitening can take years off the appearance of your smile and improves your overall apperance.

Benefits of ZOOM! Whitening:

  • No messy trays to wear
  • Can be done on your lunch hour
  • Dramatic results that last

Certain types of tooth discoloration will not respond to whitening gel methods. For tooth discoloration caused by trauma or medication, Dr. Pop may recommend other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as:

Zoom! Teeth Whitening whitens teeth instantly. In just one visit to our Roslyn, NY  dentist office you can have teeth up to eight shades brighter. This customizable whitening system can be tailored to achieve your ideal results. Zoom! professional teeth whitening provides whiter, brighter teeth when compared to over the counter options. This preferred whitening method allows you to achieve whiter teeth in just one hour.


Tooth Whitening What to Expect

Dr. Lotardo will examine your teeth and discuss your oral health and lifestyle habits to be sure the Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening system is best for you and will meet your needs and goals.

Before your teeth whitening treatment, you will have a professional teeth cleaning done to maximize your results. Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening uses a special hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that is activated by the Zoom light. The gel penetrates the teeth to lighten stains and discoloration. The whole process takes only an hour at our Roslyn, NY area dentist office.

You may experience mild tooth sensitivity following Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening treatment. Dr. Lotardo will take steps to minimize sensitivity during and after treatment through the use of special pastes. Generally, tooth sensitivity subsides in 1 – 3 days following professional teeth whitening.